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Polyester Film SPACECLEAN®

Polyester Film "SPACECLEAN®" is a polyester film superior in high low-temperature shrinkability. As it is the material akin to PET bottles, the contamination of recycled bottles can be widely reduced, and it is suitable for recycling. Additionally, when burned, it releases no chlorine gasses, and has a low heat of combustion.

This product is marketed by ‘Eco partner system’.
Eco partner system’ is Toyobo’s brand for environmentally aware goods.

Features of Polyester Film "SPACECLEAN®"

1) Highly shrinkable. Excellent tight contraction for labels or containers with complex shapes.
2) Shrinks at lower temperatures, great for use in heat tunnels.
3) Superior transparency and gloss, great for vivid and accurate multicolor printing with low fish eye.
4) Great stiffness, suited for thinning.
5) Low natural shrinkage, easy to manage warehouse stocks.
6) Improved thickness uniformity, increasing quality by minimizing irregularities in products.
7) Exceptional qualities for perforated cutting. Suited for easy to open packaging.

Application Examples of Polyester Film "SPACECLEAN®"

-Labels for glass bottles
-Labels for PS cups
-Labels for PP/PE bottles
Tamper proof
-Cap seals
Bandings, Multipacks

Rseal wrapping
Tamper proof wrapping

Labels for hot beverages
-PET bottle labels for hot beverages
-Bottle-shaped can labels for hot beverages

-PET bottle labels
-Labels for bottle-shaped cans

Tamper proof packaging

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BOOKMAN is specialized machine for longitudinal shrinking of Polyester Film "SPACECLEAN®"