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PYLEN® Film-OTBiaxial Oriented Polypropylene Film

Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene Film PYLEN® Film-OT

"PYLEN® Film-OT" is a biaxial oriented film (OPP) whose main material is polypropylene. OPP film is superior in transparency and moisture-proof property. It is widely used mainly for food packaging as a general purpose of plastic film. Toyobo started manufacturing OPP in 1964. Today we produce many products having featured values are enhanced, such as the antistatic type, the freshness keeping type F&G, pearl-tone TOYOPEARL, the shrinkable type for overwrap SST, and the high heat sealing type.

Features of the Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene Film "PYLEN® Film-OT"

1) Transparency
2) Moisture-proof property
3) Dynamic property
4) Low temperature tolerance
5) Superior in the features such as blocking resistance

Depending on usage, you can select the type of films adding packaging machine aptitudes such as antistatic properties.

Application Examples of the Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene Film "PYLEN® Film-OT"

This product is used for the usage examples below with utilizing the heat seal ability of both sides.

Non-antistatic types
Albums,Fiber packaging,Lamination,Adhesive tapes
Antistatic types
Lamination,Partial coating,Fiber packaging for side welders,Strong antistatic use,Print lamination
Matte types
Lamination,Print lamination
Anti-fog types
Pastry products,Sushi,Vegetable packaging, and other automatic packaging usages
Simplex heat sealing types
There is almost no dimensional change by the humidity since the water absorption rate is low.
Duplex heat sealings
Individual packaging,Integrated packaging,Overwrap
Lamination,Soap,Rice ball,Sweets,Packaging paper,Bags,Absorbing paper,Industrial sundries,Automatic packaging,Headers

Product list of the Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene Film "PYLEN® Film-OT"

As shown below, this product is roughly classified into 2 kinds from the aspect of function.

1) Antistatic types
2) Non-antistatic types

As shown below, this product is classified into 3 kinds from the aspect of usage.

1) Single usage: Fusion sealing, Partial coating, Adhesive tape etc.
2) Have heat seal ability on the single side or both sides despite using mainly as single thing
3) Laminating other materials

Categories Product name Thickness (μm) Corona treatment Features Usage Physical property list
Types Antistatic property Plain Heat Seal ability
Non-antistatic type No - P2002 40 No Good transparency Album,
Fiber packaging
PDF Download
P2102 20 Yes
Good transparency Lamination PDF Download
P2108 30,40 Yes
Good transparency Lamination,
Adhesive tape
PDF Download
Antistatic type-AS Yes - P2161 20, 25, 30, 40, 50, 60 Yes
Good antistatic properties,
Good slipperiness,
Good transparency,
20μm is revolute and weak corona
Partial coating
PDF Download
PDF Download
P2261 20, 25, 30, 40, 50, 60 Yes
Good antistatic properties、
Front printing OK
Lamination PDF Download
PDF Download
PDF Download
P2241 20, 25 Yes
Strong antistatic properties Strong antistatic usage dried bonito shavings PDF Download
P2282 15 Yes
Good cutting properties Print lamination PDF Download
P2111 20, 30 Yes
Good water base ink adhesive property For water based ink PDF Download
P2732 20 Easy adhesion Film pasting PDF Download
Matte type-DL Yes - P4166 20, 25 Yes
Matting tone (Matte type) Lamination PDF Download
P4266 20 Yes
Print lamination PDF Download
Anti-fog type
Yes - P5562 15, 20, 25, 30, 40 Yes
Good duplex anti-fog properties Pastry products, Sushi
Vegetable packaging etc.
PDF Download
PDF Download
PDF Download
P5563 25 Yes
Good (revolute) anti-fog properties Mushrooms,
Vegetable packaging
PDF Download
P5763 25, 30, 40 Yes
Good low-temperature heat sealability Automatic packaging for vegetables etc. PDF Download
Simplex heat sealing type-SL Yes Simplex
P3162 20, 25, 30, 40, 50 Yes
Good low-temperature heat sealability,
Good antistatic properties,
Good slipperiness
Dry packaging for seasoned seaweeds etc.,
Rice cracker packaging, Ice-cream packaging
PDF Download
PDF Download
Duplex heat sealing-ST Yes both P6181 25, 30 Yes
Good printability,
Good transparency
Individual packaging (Chocolate, Caramel, Bread, Snacks, Manju, Boiled fish paste, Rice ball),
Integrated packaging
PDF Download
heat sealing type
Yes Simplex
P8155 30 Yes
High sealing strength, Pearl type Frozen food, Ice-cream PDF Download
No - P4255 35 Yes
Pearl gloss Lamination
Soap, Rice ball, Sweets
PDF Download
Yes P4256 50 Yes
Good ultraviolet barrier,
Good embossed properties
Packaging paper, Bag, Moisture absorbing paper PDF Download
Yes both P6155 35 Yes
Pearl gloss,
Good heat seal ability
Lamination Automatic packaging,
PDF Download
High heat-resistance,
high modulus type
20、25、30 Yes
High heat-resistance,
high modulus
Lamination PDF Download
PDF Download