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This content is for medical workers.

This content is for medical workers.

Nerve regeneration guidance conduit
510(k) No. K152967

Introduction of main indication sites / cases / nerves


Cavernosal nerve,
Intercostal nerve,

Upper extremities

Radial nerve,
Median nerve,
Ulnar nerve,
Interosseous nerve,

Head and neck

Facial nerve, Recurrent laryngeal nerve, Accessory nerve, Lingual nerve, Inferior alveolar nerve, Chorda tympani, Other

Lower extremities

Sural nerve, Peroneal nerve, Tibial nerve, Obturator nerve, Plantar nerve, Other

  • Promotes nerve

    Actively promotes the reconstruction of peripheral nerves. It is expected to provide the same level of treatment as "autologous nerve transplantation" and "nerve suture", expanding the options for nerve treatment.

  • Shorten the scope
    and time of surgery

    As there is no need to harvest the nerve from a healthy site as in autologous nerve transplantation, it contributes to shortening the operation time and reducing the burden on the patient.

  • Installation of equipment
    / Smooth to use

    It does not require special surgical equipment and can be used in primary emaergency hospitals.As the first nerve regeneration guidance conduit approved in Japan, we will continue to connect nerve treatment to tomorrow.

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The Nerbridge is a registered trademark of TOYOBO CO., LTD., Japan which indicates its nerve regeneration guidance conduit.