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This content is for medical workers.

This content is for medical workers.

How to use

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How to use

  • 1. Open

    Open the Nerbridge.

    * The recommended size is 0.5mm to 1.0mm larger than the thickness of the autologous nerve.

    • Confirm the size of the device to be used and remove the Outer pouch from the outer box.

    • Open the Outer pouch and take the inner foil pouch.
      (Please note that the outer pouch is for protection only and is not a sterile barrier. Only contents of the inner foil pouch are sterile.)

    • Clean field

      • Carefully transfer the tray and Nerbridge into the clean field.

      • Remove the Nerbridge from the tray.

  • 2. Immersion

    Immerse the Nerbridge in sterile saline.

    Hydrate the Nerbridge in sterile saline for 3 minutes or more before use and use it while it does not dry out.
    * The Nerbridge will float in the sterile saline,but do not try to force it to sink.

  • 3. Suture (recommend)

    Suture the Nerbridge and the autologous nerve with sutures.

    Using non-absorbable monofilament nylon or polypropylene sutures from 6-0 to 10-0 sizes, suture the proximal side first. Pass the suture across the wall of Nerbridge at the point about 1-2 mm from its end and from the outside to the inside. Pass the suture through the epineurium of one nerve stump so that the tip of the needle can come out at the point about 1-2 mm from the nerve stump. Reverse the suture and pass it through the epineurium and from its outside to the nerve stump, at a closer point to the operator and away from the position where the needle has been stuck out. Take care not to damage the axons in suturing the epineurium. And then, pass the suture through the wall of Nerbridge from the inside to the outside.

    Slowly rotate both the nerve stump and Nerbridge by 180 degrees, and suture the reverse sides of Nerbridge and the nerve stump in the same manner as above.

    In rotating them, be careful so that the thread is not crossed.

    The autologous nerve is pulled into the Nerbridge, sutured and fixed.

    gently draw the nerve stump into Nerbridge by pulling the suture such that the nerve stump is drawn into Nerbridge. The approximate lengths of the nerve stumps to be inserted into Nerbridge should be greater than or equal to the inner diameter of Nerbridge. A secure knot must be made in the suture, but be careful not to apply tension on the suture itself. Nerbridge must be long enough to allow each nerve stump to be drawn into the lumen of Nerbridge at a distance greater than or equal to the inner diameter of Nerbridge. If needed, Nerbridge may be cut to an appropriate length.

    The distal side is sutured and fixed in the same way.

    The autologous nerve is pulled into the Nerbridge and sutured and fixed.


Store at temperature 1-30℃ / 33.8-86.0°F. Avoid excessive heat or humidity.

Product lineup

4 types of inner diameter size

Catalog number RN01025E RN02025E RN03025E RN04025E
Inner diameter(mm) 1.0 2.0 3.0 4.0
Length(mm) 25

* The recommended size for use is +0.5mm to +1.0mm above the thickness of the autologous nerve.