NGS/Single Cell

Toyobo has various NGS related products as shown below. The detailed information can be obtained by going to the linked sites.

Applications Product Name
Library preparation GenNext™ NGS Library Prep Kit
Library quantification GenNext™ NGS Library Quantification Kit
Single Cell RNA-seq GenNext™ RamDA-seq™ Single Cell Kit
Ultra-low input RNA-seq


GenNext™ NGS Library Prep Kit Library preparetion kit for illumina®

  • Simple and quick operation flow
  • A wide range of input amount (1ng - 1μg)
  • Low bias library amplification

GenNext™ NGS Library Prep Kit comprises the enzymes and buffers for preparing libraries for illumina® sequencing from fragmented double-stranded DNA and PCR products. With this system, it is possible to conveniently and quickly convert a broad range (1ng - 1μg) of input amounts of DNA into libraries for illumina® sequencing. Terminal repair and 3' end adenylation of the fragmented DNA can be conducted in the end repair and A-tailing step. Platform-specific adapters are then ligated to both ends of the DNA fragments.
If required, a high-fidelity amplification step can be performed using the reagents included in the GenNext™ NGS Library Prep Kit. Library Amplification Master Mix uses a highly-accurate PCR enzyme developed using genetically-modified KOD DNA polymerase. This minimizes the influence of GC bias on amplification and can amplify various regions evenly.

  • Code No. LPK-101T 8 reactions
  • Code No. LPK-101 24 reactions
  • Code No. LPK-101L 96 reactions


GenNext™ NGS Library Quantification Kit Library quantification kit for illumina®

  • Accurate quantification
    KOD SYBR® qPCR Mix can efficiently amplify GC- and AT-rich fragments of different lengths without bias.
  • Broad dynamic range
    The kit has a broad dynamic range from 20 pM (Standard DNA 1) to 0.0002 pM (Standard DNA 6).
  • Convenient
    The kit contains all reagents (KOD SYBR® qPCR Mix, 5x Primer Mix, Standard DNA, and 50x Dilution buffer) needed for the qPCR-based quantification of an NGS library.

GenNext™ NGS Library Quantification Kit is for the SYBR® Green I qPCR-based library quantification of Illumina next-generation sequences. The kit allows the specific and accurate quantification of libraries bearing P5 and P7 adaptors which can be applied to flow cell amplification. It uses the highly efficient qPCR master mix KOD SYBR® qPCR Mix.

  • Code No. NLQ-101 500 reactions


GenNext™ RamDA-seq™ Single Cell Kit Single Cell/Ultra-low amount RNA

  • cDNA can be prepared from a single cell or small amount of input RNA
  • Full length cDNA can be analyzed
  • Various RNAs can be detected, and the number of genes detect able is higher than that with conventional technology.

GenNext™ RamDA-seq™ Single Cell Kit is a kit using RT-RamDA™ (Reverse Transcription with Random Displacement Amplification) method for preparing cDNA for NGS analysis from single-cell and Ultra-low amount RNA.
RT-RamDA™ is a novel cDNA amplification method utilizing the strand displacement activity of reverse-tr​anscriptas​e. GenNext™ RamDA-seq™ Single Cell Kit can detect not only poly(A) RNA but also non-poly(A) with high sensitively by using random primer or NSR primer*, allowing the detection of many genes compared with the conventional method.
Unlike conventional method using Oligo-dT primer, cDNA for full-length total RNA-seq can be synthesized by RT-RamDA™ method.
In addition, because cDNA is amplified at the same time as it is synthesized, RamDA-seq™ method does not require amplification adaptors and PCR amplification step, and it reduces the biases caused by PCR amplification.
* NSR primer is abbreviation for Not so random primer.
* RamDA-seq™ and RT-RamDA™ are a trademark of RIKEN, Institute of Physical and Chemical Research.

  • Code No. RMD-101T 24 reactions
  • Code No. RMD-101 96 reactions