MagExtractor -Plant Genome- provides a simple and reliable method for the rapid purification of genomic DNA from various plant specimens, e.g. leaf and cultured cells, etc, using magnetic silica beads. This kit is based on binding properties of DNA to a silica surface in the presence of chaotropic agents (1). Purified genomic DNA can be used directly for PCR experiments.


  • Low polysaccharide contamination in the purified genomic DNA.
  • Suitable for the high-throughput extraction of genomic DNA from various plant specimens.


  • Purification of genomic DNA from cultured plant cells and plant tissues.
Sample (0.1 g) Yield (µg)
Tabacco (leaf) 3 - 5
Tabacco (cultured cells) 2 - 3
Rice (leaf) 3 - 5
Arabidopsis (leaf) 1
Tomato (leaf) 3
Pumpkin (leaf) 3
Maize (leaf) 3 - 4

*The reaction yield depends on the types of species, tissues, and sample conditions that are used. Table 2 shows typical yields from various plant tissues.

Storage condition

Store at 4ºC, room temperature (Lysis solution)


Lysis Solution 40 mL
Binding Solution 90 mL
Washing Solution 200 mL
Magnetic Beads 6 mL


The selectivity of extracted nucleic acids can be changed by optimization of the binding and washing solutions. MagExtractor -Genome- (Code No. NPK-101) extracts genomic DNA from various specimens (e.g. whole blood, cultured cells or animal tissues etc.). MagExtractor -RNA- (Code No. NPK-201) extracts total RNA from various specimens (e.g. cultured cells or animal tissues). MagExtractor -Plasmid- (Code No. NPK-301) extracts plasmids from E. coli cells, MagExtractor -Viral RNA- (Code No. NPK-401) is a kit for extracting viral RNA from serum or plasma specimens. MagExtractor -Plant Genome- (Code No. NPK-501) is a kit for extracting genomic DNA from various plant specimens (e.g., leaf, cultured cells, etc.). MagExtractor-PCR & Gel Clean up- (Code No. NPK-601) extracts DNA fragments from a PCR solution, enzyme solution, or agarose gel slices.

Application data

Example 1. Purification of genomic DNA from Tabacco leaves

Genomic DNA was purified from tobacco leaves (5, 10, 30 mg) using various purification kits. As shown in Fig. 1, the yields of genomic DNA of MagExtractor -Plant genome- were greater than those of other companies’ kits.

Fig. 1. Electrophoretic analysis of purified genomic DNA

M: λ/ Hind III Marker
1,4,7: 5mg
2,5,8: 10mg
3,6,9: 20mg

Example 2. PCR using purified genomic DNA samples

Several target genes were amplified from the genomic DNA (100 ng) purified from tobacco leaves using KOD Dash (Code No. LDP-101). As shown in Fig. 1, distinct amplified band (1.3 - 5.6 kb) were detected.

Fig. 1. Electrophoretic analysis of the PCR products

M: λ/ Hind III Marker
1,2: 1.3kb rbcL gene (chloroplast genomic DNA)
3,4: 2.2kb rbcL-Methyltransferase (genomic DNA)
5,6: 4.6kb rbcL-Methyltransferase (genomic DNA)


  • B. Vogelstein and D. Gillespie, Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA. 76: 615-619 (1979)