KOD OneTM PCR Master Mix Notice of sale


KOD OneTM PCR master Mix and KOD OneTM PCR Master Mix -Blue- are 2 x PCR master mixes based on genetically modified KOD DNA polymerase (UKOD). KOD OneTM series enables fast PCR, which has an extension time of 5 sec./ kb by applying UKOD and a new Elongation Accelerator. In addition, these master mixes provide greater efficiency and elongation capabilities than conventional PCR enzymes. In particular, these show greater amplification success from crude specimens. Furthermore, these master mixes can be applied to amplify from templates containing uracils (dU) or using primers containing inosines (dI) and uracils (dU).

KOD OneTM series contains two types of anti-KOD DNA polymerase antibodies that inhibit the polymerase and 3’→5’ exonuclease activities, thus allowing for Hot Start PCR. These master mixes generate blunt-end PCR products because of 3’ → 5’ exonuclease (proof-reading) activity of KOD DNA polymerase.