Fig. 1. Point mutation in M-MLV RTase

ReverTra Ace™ is an M-MLV reverse transcriptase that has been improved by point mutation technology. ReverTra Ace™ has two mutations in the polymerase and RNase H domains that elevate the cDNA synthesis ability and inactivate RNase H activity, respectively.Therefore, ReverTra Ace™ (Code No. TRT-101) exhibits efficient reverse transcriptase activity and enables the synthesis of ≥ 14 kb cDNA.

ReverTra Ace-α-™ (Code No.FSK-101) is an efficient and convenient kit for synthesizing high quality cDNA. The kit contains the highly efficient reverse transcriptase "ReverTra Ace™" as well as other components optimized for the synthesis of long cDNAs suitable for RT-PCR.
The ReverTra Ace™ qPCR RT Kit (Code No. FSQ-101) is an efficient and convenient kit to synthesize high quality cDNAs for real-time PCR.

A : ReverTra Ace
B : Reverse Transcriptase (Company A)
C : Reverse Transcriptase (Company B)

Fig. 2. Comparison of reverse transcriptase efficiency.

Reverse transcriptase efficiency among various RTases is compared by RT-PCR of 18S rRNA. The RTase reaction was performed using a specific primer at 42ºC.