Toyobo Group's Corporate Philosophy

Management structure based on the Corporate Philosophy System

(adhering to reason leads to prosperity)


  • ・Do what must be done (positive standpoint)
  • ・Don’t do what must not be done (defensive standpoint)

Adhering to “Jun-Ri” leads to a prosperous society while also realizing self-growth

Our founder Eiichi Shibusawa had lived by the word Jun-Ri-Soku-Yu, quoted from a Chinese Confucianist Cheng Yi. We inherit the founder’s motto as our corporate philosophy, which advocates the importance of uniting morality and economy.



(adhering to reason leads to prosperity)

●Our Vision

We will continue to create the solutions needed by people

and the earth with materials and science.

●Our Values

We welcome change, we enjoy change, and create change.

・TOYOBO Spirit Our 9 Commitments