TOYOBO Group’s Sustainability

  • TOYOBO Group Charter of Corporate Behavior

    We will act with high ethical standards and social common sense based on the ten principles in order to continue being a corporation that people trust.

  • Corporate Philosophy Framework TOYOBO PVVs

    In March 2019, we established the corporate philosophy framework TOYOBO PVVs. "PVVs" is the name of the TOYOBO group's philosophy framework and is a combination of the English acronyms for "principle," "vision," and "values".

  • Sustainable Vision 2030

    Sustainable Vision 2030 projects changes in the future business environment and shows the ideal state we seek based on our corporate philosophy, as well as our sustainability indices and action plans.

  • Sustainability Management

    We are instilling the concept of sustainability along with our corporate philosophy into our business approach and integrating sustainability into our management and business strategies as we seek to fulfill our long-term vision.

  • Our Value Creation Process

    Our value creation process takes the TOYOBO PVVs corporate philosophy framework as its starting point, and demonstrates how we use various types of capital to create value and increase value for all stakeholders.

  • Materiality

    Our materiality is organized along the two axes of “materiality for stakeholders” and “materiality for the group.” We will also regularly review the material issues.

  • TCFD

    We announced our support for the recommendations made by the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD), and have been working on initiatives and disclosures that follow them.


The photo shows the "TOYOBO WINDOW," a monument in the lobby of the head office.
The round shape represents the "TOYOBO WINDOW," open to society and a bridge between people.
It expresses the significance of TOYOBO's mission to help solve problems for people and the earth and make lasting changes for the future.