Health and Productivity Management

Management Approach

Policy and approach

The Toyobo Group is engaged in initiatives for maintaining and improving employees’ physical and mental wellbeing in order to create people-friendly workplaces that are conscious of employee health.

In fiscal 2020, we embarked on the strategic implementation of health and productivity management, considering health care from a management perspective. Going forward, we will promote initiatives that energize and increase the productivity of the organization, and improve performance through measures such as maintaining and enhancing employees’ health and wellbeing. We also aim to obtain certification under the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry’s Certified Health & Productivity Management Outstanding Organizations Recognition Program.

Furthermore, we are investing in employee health based on the approach that having energetic workplaces where employees can work dynamically will lead to the long-term growth of the Group, and to date, we have been cooperating with the health insurance union on initiatives to support health and wellbeing. We will continue these initiatives with the aim taking another step forward and actively and systematically practicing health and productivity management. In March 2020, we formulated the TOYOBO Health & Productivity Management Declaration containing a declaration by the President, and we have built a health promotion structure.

<TOYOBO Health & Productivity Management Declaration>

Under the Group’s corporate philosophy, Jun-Ri-Soku-Yu (adhering to reason leads to prosperity), we aim to be a “strong and good Toyobo Group” which offers growth potential and stability.

We believe that in order to ensure strong, sustainable growth, we need the capabilities, effort, and energy of every employee, and that the growth of the Group is linked to the job satisfaction of our employees and the feeling that they and their families are being enriched.

Health is the source of our employees’ energy and effort, and as a Group we recognize that actively working to maintain and improve employee health is an important management issue.

It is also important that employees themselves realize the importance of their health.

Therefore, we declare that we will actively engage in health and productivity management.

Seiji Narahara
Representative Director, President, and CEO
March, 2020

External evaluation

Recognized as Certified Health and Productivity Management Outstanding Organization

Toyobo Co., Ltd. was recognized as a Certified Health and Productivity Management Outstanding Organization in the large enterprise category under a certification program jointly sponsored by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) and the Nippon Kenko Kaigi.

The Toyobo Group established the “Health and Productivity Management Declaration” in March 2020 to promote health and productivity management. Under the Chief Health Officer (CHO), Masakatsu Shirai, Director, Executive Officer, Controlling Supervisor of HR and Corporate Communication Division, the Labor Affairs Department, the occupational physician and nursing professionals and the health insurance association work in close coordination to enhance healthcare consciousness of employees, improve their lifestyle habits and strengthen mental health-care measures as part of priority programs.

Such initiatives were highly evaluated, leading to Toyobo’s recognition as a Certified Health and Productivity Management Outstanding Organization, for the first time. Toyobo will aim to enhance its corporate value further by strengthening and promoting its health and productivity management further through such efforts as maintaining and improving the health of its employees.

Certified Health and Productivity Management Outstanding Organization


<Health management system>

In March 2020, the Toyobo Group formulated a “Health & Productivity Management Declaration” in order to proactively and systematically address health and productivity management, and also established a structure to promote this. Under the supervision of the Chief Health Officer (CHO), the Labor Affairs Department, industrial physicians, occupational health nurses/medical care nurses, and the health insurance union are working together on key measures.

Health management system

Key measures under the TOYOBO Health & Productivity Management Declaration

Under the TOYOBO Health & Productivity Management Declaration, we are working on the following key measures.

  1. Initiatives for raising employees’ health awareness: education and training
  2. Initiatives for improving employees’ lifestyle habits: exercise, diet, support for quitting smoking, etc.
  3. Initiatives for strengthening mental health, including improvement measures for high-stress employees and workplaces


Mental healthcare initiatives

We invite guest lecturers to provide training for managers, to increase their awareness and understanding of mental healthcare. Individual consultations are also given by industrial health staff at each business site. We also provide personalized support to those suffering from high levels of stress, based on the results of a stress checkup. In the near future, we plan to identify and resolve issues in high-stress workplaces based on the results of group analysis.

With regard to mental healthcare in COVID-19 stay at home situations (adopted as a measure to tackle the spread of COVID-19), we have addressed the importance of self-care and so-called “line care” (care provided by managers for the wellbeing of their staff and measures to improve the workplace), issuing information so as to maintain and support our employees’ physical and mental wellbeing.

Countermeasures against COVID-19

As countermeasures against COVID-19, we are encouraging working from home and staggered working hours, ensuring employees maintain social distancing when working in the office, providing information about infection prevention, and distributing masks, among other measures.