Toyobo group’s materiality

Our group’s material issues are set on the basis of Sustainable Vision 2030, which we announced in May 2022.
Working from the two axes of influence on stakeholders and influence on our group, we clarified high-priority targets and organized them into four areas: “contributing to the solving of social issues through business,” “human capital,” “environment and manufacturing,” and “business bases.”

As a result of the discussions by the Sustainability Committee, we also decided to separate quality agenda from compliance and add chemical substances management. We will review our goals and KPIs, including these items, in fiscal 2024.

Process of identifying material issues

With reference to external initiatives and 12 international guidelines, including the GRI Standards, we selected candidate items. The positive and negative impact of these social issues were clarified through internal questionnaires and interviews, and, taking into account the views of external parties such as institutional investors, we finally determined our material issues with approval by the Board of Directors.

Materiality map

Targets and KPIs

To steadily ensure the progress of our materiality initiatives, we have assigned officers in charge of each materiality and have formulated KPIs and targets.We report and share information on progress toward the KPIs two times a year within the Sustainability Committee, and, in accordance with progress status, work toward continuous enhancement of our efforts by reviewing KPIs and targets.

Toyobo group materiality/KPIs and Targets(As of April 1,2023)(222KB)

Toyobo group materiality/KPIs and Targets(As of April 18,2022)(133KB)