Identifying Material Issues

Reviewed based on our future vision Sustainable Vision 2030

In recent years, the expectations placed on companies, in terms of becoming carbon-neutral and contributing towards the realization of a circular economy, have grown. Enterprises need to address a wide range of issues, such as human rights, working conditions, and the impact of climate change.

In fiscal 2021, Toyobo group identified material issues in response to the demands and expectations of our stakeholders, and to realize our Vision of being a “group that will continue to creates the solutions needed by people and the earth.” In fiscal 2022, we reviewed them based on our future vision, Sustainable Vision 2030.

Materiality map

Identified Material Issues
"Employee well-being" is included in the materialities of "human capital" and "safety and disaster prevention."
Human capital: Human resources management (education, securing), diversity & Inclusion, health management
Partnerships: Supply chain, social contribution, stakeholder engagement

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Targets and KPIs

In conjunction with the identification of material issues, we established KPIs in November 2020 in order to promote initiatives. These KPIs are adjusted as necessary to correspond to the target achievement status. (As of April 2022)

Toyobo Group Materiality/KPIs and Targets (133KB)