Management Approach

TOYOBO Group Fundamental Policy on the Global Environment

Environmental philosophy

We are striving to contribute to society through technologies friendly to both people and the environment, protect the global environment, and to leave a better planet and a more prosperous society to future generations.

Environmental activity policy

Development of technologies

By devoting all of our efforts, the Toyobo Group is developing technologies (products and manufacturing processes) that are friendly to both people and the environment, and we are promoting environmental measures.

Environmental protection

At every stage, from product development through to design, manufacture, sale, disposal, and collection, we are forecasting, evaluating, and reducing their impact on the environment, working towards its protection.

Contribute to society

With the aim of bringing about a better global environment, as well as using our business activities, as a good corporate citizen we will actively support and participate in environmental protection and biodiversity conservation activities throughout society and in local regions.

Code of conduct

  1. Think : Technical development and evaluation
    In development and design, strive to develop environmental technology and evaluate environmental protections.
  2. Value: Environmental protection and reuse
    Strive to develop, improve, and reuse environmental technologies in the production, sales, distribution, and disposal phases.
  3. Participate: Disclose technologies and share information
    Strive to disclose developed environmental technologies and provide environmental information.
  4. Protect: Environmental compliance and auditing
    Strive to set and maintain environmental regulations and self-management standards set by national and local governments, etc., and carry out audits.
  5. Train: Internal and external systems
    Strive to enhance our internal environment-related systems, and carry out education and awareness-raising activities.

Environmental Safety Management System

The Toyobo Group has established a Global Environment Promotion Committee under the Global Environment Committee to promote global environmental protection activities.

The Global Environment Promotion Committee deliberates and decides on policy for environmental protection activities, discusses and determines specific matters, and manages their progress. Committee members visit each of our offices and plants as well as our group companies in order to conduct safety and environmental assessments, and to check the status of local activities.

To respond to climate change, the "Carbon Neutral Strategies Council" and "Carbon Neutral Strategies Cross-Functional Team" were established on April 1, 2021. We will formulate and promote our group strategy for the realization of carbon neutrality in 2050.

Find more information about our Structure to achieve carbon neutrality here

Organizational Chart

Organizational Chart