Contributing to Solving Social Issues through Business Operations

Contributing through business operations

Through our business activities, we contribute to solving the following four social issues.
The main goals for FY2031 are as follows.

Four social issues The main goals for FY2031
Contributing to solutions for social issues in a humancentric way
A healthy lifestyle and health care
  • ・Contributing to the field of epidemiology
  • ・Contributing to improve quality of life (QOL)
  • ・Number of tests conducted by the provision of infectious disease diagnostics: 10 million per year
  • ・Number of dialysis patients provided with dialysis membranes: 250,000
  • ・Number of patients provided with regenerative inducers: 100,000 per year
  • ・Share in the market of raw materials for biochemical and other tests: 30%
  • ・Proliferation and expanded sales of 3D network-structured fiber materials in the medical and nursing care fields
Smart communities and comfortable spaces
  • ・Contributing to the realization of a humancentric digital society
  • ・Creating comfortable spaces
  • ・Sales volume of product groups supporting DX: 1.5-fold increase over FY2021
  • ・Total sales of car cabin air filters: 1.2 million units
  • ・Creation of a comfortable space inside electric vehicles through sound and heat management
Contributing to solutions for social issues in consideration of the entire Earth
A decarbonized society
  • ・Contributing to carbon neutrality
  • ・Establishing an ecosystem for circulating resources
  • ・Cutting emissions in Scope 1 & 2 by over 46% in FY2031 vs FY2014
  • ・Ratio of green films: 60%
  • ・Entry into the market of osmotic power generation, wind power generation offshore cable, insulating resin, adhesive sheet for cells used in fuel cell vehicles, electrode materials for large storage batteries, hydrogen-related materials, etc.
  • ・Join resource circulation ecosystem (R PLUS JAPAN)
Clean water areas, air and soil, and the preservation of biodiversity
  • ・Improving the environment through solutions
  • ・Food loss reduction and sustainable food
  • ・Air volume treated by the volatile organic compound recovery unit: 7 billion Nm3 per year
  • ・Desalination of sea water by membrane: equivalent to the volume of tap water for 10 million people
  • ・Sales volume of highly functional films that contribute to reducing food loss: fourfold increase over FY2021
  • ・Entry into sustainable food field

CSV examples (topics)


  • Contributing to reducing plastic volume
    New development of the world’s thinnest 20μm shrink film

  • Contributing to the proliferation of next-generation energy and a carbon-neutral society
    TEONEX® PEN film adopted for use in Toyota’s fuel cell vehicles

Life Science

  • Contributing to measures against unknown infectious and other diseases that threaten humanity
    GENECUBE® fully automated gene analysis system for PCR testing, and specialized reagents

  • Contributing to both patients and the earth through high permeability
    Cellulose-derived artificial kidney hollow fiber membrane unique to Toyobo

Environmental and Functional Materials

  • Contributing to enhanced performance and safety in lithium-ion batteries
    HARDLEN® sustainable adhesive

  • Helping to bring on the 6G communication era
    HARDLEN® leverages the strength of low dielectric properties

Functional Textiles and Trading

  • Contributing to the advancement of the domestic recycling market through our technology
    Taking on the upcycling of apparel

  • Contributing to the protection of lives and the environment
    Successful development of airbag fabric technologies

  • Contributing to the prevention of damage to health and reduction of environmental impacts
    Development of adhesive-free waterproof sheets

  • Contributing to the reduction of environmental impacts through high energy efficiency
    Joint development of energy-saving air conditioner components and materials together with Panasonic

CSV examples (products)

Speeding up diagnostics


SARS-CoV-2 Detection Kit

Product site

Supporting the lives of dialysis patients


Artificial kidney hollow fiber membranes of stable and reliable quality

Shortening operation times and reducing the burden on patients


Nerve regeneration conduit Nerbridge®

Product site

Providing comfort and security

smart community

Three-dimensional cushion material BREATHAIR®, Electret air filter ELITOLON®

Electret air filter Product site

BREATHAIR® Product site

Improved LCD screen performance

smart community

LCD film with more natural color reproduction

Product site

Protecting lives in accidents

smart community
decarbonized society

Airbag yarn and fabrics

Improving automobile fuel efficiency

smart community
decarbonized society

Engineering plastics

Product site

Creating future mobility

smart community
decarbonized society

Manipularer® concept car

Recycling and resource conservation

decarbonized society

Film of recycled PET resin CYCLE CLEAN®

Product site

Eliminating water shortages

good environment

RO membranes for seawater desalination

Product site

Balancing air pollution prevention and resource recovery

good environment

VOC recovery equipment

Food loss reduction

good environment

Transparent vapor-deposited film ECOSYAR®

Product site