• Who's TOYOBO?


We at the Toyobo Group
will continue to create
the solutions needed by people and the earth
with our materials and science.

Toyobo started as a cotton spinning mill. We have developed into a company that Produces, processes, and sells "high-performance materials" including mobility and high-performance fibers, focusing on film,
life science and environmental and functional materials.

We are never satisfied with the present.
For the sake of continuous growth, we welcome change, enjoy change, and create change.

Aspiring to be a category leader, we create change in our time that is good for people and the earth through Toyobo's method of manufacturing original products that are safe and reassuring.

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Toyobo's Corporate
Identity Tagline

To mark the 140th anniversary of its foundation, the head office was relocated and the monument "TOYOBO WINDOW" was created.


On the occasion of our 140 year anniversary, we moved our head office in May 2022.

"TOYOBO WINDOW", a new monument in the visitor lobby "Future Space", was created by glass and stone craftsmen in Japan under the supervision of Taku Satoh, a graphic designer who also created the corporate logo. Through this window, we hope to bring our technology and materials to everyone and help solve problems for people and the earth.

In addition, the stone carvings that hung from 1917 to 1974 at the front entrance of head office have been relocated to the "Historical Space" at the reception entrance.

"TOYOBO WINDOW" is set up in such a way that visitors can look into the future from a wide perspective when looking through the window to the entrance, and can see the history of Toyobo (the stone carving installed in head office) when turning to the other side.

Until the Toyobo Monument is built (Japanese)

Toyobo next to you

Toyobo products are everywhere in your life.

  • For shrink label of beverage bottles

    For shrink label of beverage bottles

    Heat-shrinkable film for sustainable labels on beverage bottles
    Toyobo's heat-shrinkable film lineups contribute to reduction of environment impact through down-gauging and containing recycled raw materials.
  • For LCD TV monitor materials

    For LCD TV monitor materials

    A super retarder film that eliminates the rainbow effect
    A combination of LED light sources eliminates double-refraction-induced tinting (i.e., the rainbow effect) and converts light emitted by LCD into a state that is closer to natural light.
  • For vegetable wrapping film

    For vegetable wrapping film

    An OPP film with no clouding from water droplets
    This polypropylene film with a fog-proof effect keeps water droplets from fogging the film. When used for packaging, this powerful property makes fresh fruits and vegetables appear more pleasant and vivid.
  • In the field of dialysis and other medical care

    In the field of hemodialysis and other medical care

    Hollow fiber membrane for hemodialyzer (artificial kidney)
    Excellent separation characteristics are realized by forming micropores in hollow fiber membrane wall by “microphase separation technology” and “pore diameter control technology”. Hemodialyzers comprising of our hollow fiber membranes are used worldwide.
  • Helps diagnose infections

    Helps diagnose infections

    SARS-CoV-2 Detection Kit
    Using enzymes that have been improved in research applications for many years, we support the diagnosis of COVID-19 infections with quick and reliable results.

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  • For filter materials in automobiles

    For filter materials in automobiles

    Filters with both dust removal and deodorizing performance
    It has a wide range of dust removal performance, and a variety of optional functions can be added to make the cabin environment more comfortable.
  • For seat sheet/seat surface of Shinkansen and ferry

    For seat cushion of Shinkansen and ferry

    Cushion material for multifunctional 3D network structured fiber material
    The cushioning material consists of rubber elastic polyether-ester elastomer fibers that are connected in three dimensional direction while drawing numerous loops. Excellent breathability, durability, and recyclable eco-friendly products.
  • On the functional part of mobility

    On the functional part of mobility

    Engineering plastic elastomers
    By providing resin materials that are substitutes for metal and vulcanized rubber, we contribute to the improvement of electric cost of mobility and reduction of CO2 emissions.

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