Technology Fields

Toyobo Technology and Technical Fields

Toyobo's core technologies are in polymerization, modification, and processing for polymers, and biotechnology. These core technologies are composed of various elemental technologies, which when combined and integrated creates new systematized techniques that lead to the development of products.

To accelerate the creation of new specialty businesses, Toyobo is reinforcing its unique core technologies, and pushing forward with combinations and integration of existing technologies including technology transfer.

Strategic Fields

Technological capability is the source of a manufacturer's competitiveness. Toyobo is working to advance the "technology stock" derived from the organizational and technological capabilities of a self-sustaining, active R&D program, in order to increase business profitability. We have identified five targeted market fields: Automotive; Electronics and Information Displays; Environmental; Lifestyle and Safety; and Healthcare.

By developing the high-function products required for each of these markets, Toyobo aims to be an integral part of the lifestyles and culture of the 21st century.

Image of Technology Fields

Key technologies

Molecular Alignment
Functional Film
Industrial films
Packaging films
Separation Technology
Warter treatment membranes(Hollow fiber membranes for artificial kidneys)
Air cleaning filters
Cultural Technology
Enzymes for diagnostics
Genetic Engineering
Lifescience, diagnostic systems, reagents for research
Compound Technology
Engineering plastics
Industrial adhesive VYLON®
Polyolefin Modification Technology
Sense Measurement Technology
Toyobo's science in comfort
Sense Measurement Technology
Simulation Technology
Physical Properties and Structure Analysis Technology
Physical Properties and Structure Analysis Technology
Chemical Analysis Technology
Chemical Analysis Technology
Synthetic Organic Chemistry
Fine Chemicals