Accelerating R&D Targeting Growth Fields

Toyobo's R&D structure consists of two main components, the Divisional R&D Departments and the Corporate R&D Department.

These are managed by the Business Development Planning Office, which coordinates R&D activity throughout the company in order to efficiently create new businesses. The Business Development Planning Office has been established at the Head Office and consists of the Corporate R&D Planning Department and New Business Planning Department. The former coordinates R&D strategies for the entire company, including consolidating and evaluating research themes throughout the firm, determining the best allocation of R&D resources for each. The latter manages important projects and plans strategies to accelerate development through M&A, technology transfer, or other means.

The Corporate R&D Department focuses on developing next-generation technologies that generate new products and businesses. It consists of three divisions. The first carries out core technology research aimed at gaining future advantage in basic and cutting-edge technology. The second works on project research to hasten commercialization. The third is the infrastructure division, which coordinates company-wide research and arranges analytical technique and simulation technology.

The Corporate R&D Department also maintains active contact with corporations, universities and research institutions in Japan and around the world, has facilities to quickly investigate and evaluate new and next-generation technologies.

Organization Chart