Toyobo joins Glocal Deep Tech Fund to boost collaboration with domestic start-ups

Toyobo Co., Ltd. recently took a stake in Glocal Deep Tech Fund*1, a venture capital fund formed by Tokyo-based Realtech Holdings Co., Ltd. The fund’s initial recruitment of investors closed in March 2021 and raised ¥10 billion.

In June 2020, the fund started proactively investing in regional “realtech ventures”*2. The fund aims to solve global issues and revitalize regional economies by assisting and accelerating start-ups possessing advanced technology, in cooperation with other participants, such as regional financial institutions and business companies.

Toyobo has been supporting domestic start-ups through such means as investing in Realtech Fund No. 1*3, one of Japan’s biggest venture capital funds run by Realtech Holdings, in January 2016. As a member of Glocal Deep Tech Fund, Toyobo will gain access to information about start-ups that are highly compatible with its business fields and create business collaboration opportunities by utilizing Realtech Holdings’ nationwide network.

Toyobo’s corporate vision is to “continue to create the solutions needed by people and the earth with materials and science.” Toyobo will continue promoting open innovation and providing solutions for social issues.

*1 Official name is Real Tech Fund Investment Limited Partnership III.
*2 Start-ups focusing on research and development with innovative technologies in robotics, electronics, bioscience, environment, energy, new materials and other fields.
*3 Official name is Real Tech Fund Investment Limited Partnership I.

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