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  • Toyobo, Nipro to build CTA dialyzer production plant to meet growing global demand

Toyobo, Nipro to build CTA dialyzer production plant to meet growing global demand

Nov 05, 2021 Products

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Toyobo Co., Ltd. has decided to build a new plant jointly with Nipro Corporation to boost production of CTA (cellulose triacetate) dialyzers often referred to as artificial kidneys. Toyobo, headed by President Ikuo Takeuchi and Nipro, headed by President Yoshihiko Sano are both located in Kita Ward, Osaka City.

The new plant, which will be located in Nipro’s existing factory site in Odate City, Akita Prefecture, is scheduled to start operating in July 2024 to meet global demand for dialyzers which is expected to steadily increase. The plant will implement the so-called integrated system of production that efficiently completes manufacturing steps from processing raw materials to making finished products.


The CTA dialyzer production plant

The CTA dialyzer production plant

Nipro’s CTA dialyzer using Toyobo’s hollow fiber membrane

Nipro’s CTA dialyzer using Toyobo’s hollow fiber membrane


Dialyzers purify blood and remove body wastes and other toxins by dialysis for patients with chronic renal failure resulting from kidney function loss. Toyobo started manufacturing hollow fiber membranes for CTA dialyzers in the early 1980s.

At its Iwakuni Production Center in Iwakuni City, Yamaguchi Prefecture, Toyobo manufactures CTA hollow fiber membranes with excellent biocompatibility and ability to remove substances, which make them ideal for removing body wastes from blood. Toyobo’s sophisticated membrane production technology developed over many years made it possible to form micropores in hollow fiber membranes that enable excellent filter performance. CTA dialyzers using Toyobo’s hollow fiber membranes have been used around the world.

At the new plant, Toyobo will make hollow fibers from raw materials in the front-end process, while Nipro will process them to make finished products in the back-end process. This smooth, integrated system will drastically improve production efficiency.

The number of patients requiring hemodialysis is expected to increase globally at a rate of 7 percent per year, which will inevitably boost demand for dialyzers. Toyobo will work closely with Nipro to make products that give patients peace of mind and improve their quality of life.


Details of the plant

Address: Hanukiyachi 8-7, Niida, Odate City, Akita Prefecture (inside Nipro’s Odate factory site)
Total floor space: About 31,000 m2 (Nipro: 15,000 m2; Toyobo 16,000 m2)
Structure: Steel frame, three stories
Start of operation: Scheduled for July 2024


Details of Toyobo's front-end process

Production item: CTA hollow fiber membranes for dialyzers (artificial kidneys)
Capital investment: About ¥5 billion (equipment for making hollow fiber membranes)
Employees: 23 (subject to change)

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