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Toyobo renews its corporate logo

Jan 26, 2022 Company

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Toyobo Co., Ltd. will renew its logo, which it has used since 1963, from April 2022 to mark the 140th anniversary of its foundation. The new logo was designed by renowned graphic designer Taku Satoh.

1. About the new corporate logo






The Toyobo Group aims to be a group that will continue to create the solutions needed by people and the Earth under its corporate philosophy of “Jun-Ri-Soku-Yu (adhering to reason leads to prosperity)”. The black part of the new logo expresses space, while the blue part indicates the Earth’s outline. It’s a design that embodies Toyobo’s firm commitment to solving the Earth’s problems through its technologies and products. And not having an enclosing line around the new lettermark – unlike the current one – provides a visual reminder that the company is ever more open to the outside world.


2. Start of use

From April 1, 2022


3. About Taku Satoh


Taku Satoh
Born in Tokyo in 1955, he completed his master’s degree at Tokyo University of the Arts. After working for Dentsu, Inc., he established Taku Satoh Design Office (now TSDO Inc.) in 1984. He has worked on a wide range of projects from designing emblems, packaging and other aspects of products, to serving as an art director for TV programs. He received a Medal with Purple Ribbon in 2021 from the Japanese government.

Remarks from Taku Satoh
This logo does not have an enclosing line around the lettermark. It is utterly open to show this is a company that is ever more open to the outside world. I designed the fonts to secure the image of universality that will not become outdated as time changes by distancing it from the image of the company’s spinning business. I also incorporated the Earth’s outline as seen from space into the logo. In a nutshell, the TOYOBO logo serves as a window for looking at the Earth from space. It embodies Toyobo’s overall vision and its determination to push ahead with various business operations in harmony with the environment of our planet.

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