Integrated “TOYOBO REPORT 2022” released

Oct 17, 2022

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Toyobo Co., Ltd. has issued an integrated report titled “TOYOBO REPORT 2022,” and has posted it on its website. The report mainly comprises content from Toyobo’s Sustainable Vision 2030*1 and the 2025 Medium-Term Management Plan*2 unveiled on May 26, 2022.

The report also features a dialogue between the heads of Toyobo and Mitsubishi Corporation, which are launching a joint venture in 2023*3, as well as the Toyobo president’s dialogue with ESG (Environment, Society and Governance) investors. The report has richer content than previous ones due to the addition of new features such as two round-table discussions, one involving employees and the other outside directors. It also discloses Toyobo’s governance and strategy to address climate change based on TCFD (Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures) recommendations.

Under its Sustainable Vision 2030, the Toyobo Group upholds the goal of becoming a sustainable company that contributes to society’s sustainability. Toyobo will actively utilize this report—which outlines the company’s efforts to realize this target—for dialogue with diverse stakeholders, including shareholders and investors. By doing so, Toyobo will do its best to win deeper understanding by stakeholders of policies and concrete measures undertaken by the company, while enhancing its corporate value in a sustainable way.

*1 Toyobo “Sustainable Vision 2030”
*2 Toyobo “2025 Medium-Term Management Plan”
*3 Refer to a Toyobo press release dated August 25, 2022, titled “Regarding changes in the schedules of a company split involving the functional materials-related business and establishment of a joint venture as well as decisions on the new (succeeding) company’s name and other matters related to its establishment.

This report’s main contents


- Introduction
 TOYOBO PVVs, New Corporate Logo and Business Outline

- Vision
 CEO Message, (Feature) Mitsubishi Corporation and Toyobo top management discuss
 the new joint venture,
 Value Creation Process, Sustainable Vision 2030, Six Types of Capital, Materiality

- Strategy and Practice of Value Creation
 (Feature) Dialogue with ESG Investors, CFO Message,
 Disclosure based on TCFD Recommendations,
 2025 Medium-Term Management Plan

- The Basis of Value Creation
 Sustainability Management, (Feature) From the KAERU Project to KAERU,
 Environmental Policy and Activities, Social Contribution Policy and Activities,
 Governance Policy and Activities

- Overview of Fiscal 2022


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