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  • Notice regarding price increase of airbag yarns and fabrics

Notice regarding price increase of airbag yarns and fabrics

Feb 26, 2024 Products

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Toyobo Co., Ltd. is announcing the price increase of yarns and fabrics for automobile airbags as follows.

1. Background

The profitability of Toyobo’s automobile airbags yarns and fabrics business has significantly deteriorated since a yarn factory was destroyed by fire accident occurred at the Tsuruga Research and Production Center in 2018.

Under these circumstances, Toyobo has been putting in maximum effort to achieve thorough cost reduction and improve productivity, also proceeded product price revisions. But we decided to revise the prices of products after determining that, under the present price structure, it is difficult to continue the business and supply our products to clients stably.

2. Products subject to price increase and their ranges

Yarns and fabrics for automobile airbags: 10% - 15% increase from the current prices.

3. Timing of the price increase

Products to be shipped on April 1, 2024, and beyond.

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Public Relations Group, Corporate Communication Department, Toyobo Co., Ltd.


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