Industrial Materials VOC Gas Treatment Apparatus

VOC Gas Treatment Apparatus Improves Manufacturing Environments - Toyobo takes pride in its VOC gas treatment apparatus, with over 30 years of proven performance and reliability. Apparatus created with the development of our activated carbon fiber K-Filter™ is contributing to energy conservation and environmental improvements at manufacturing sites.

Development of the Activated Carbon Fiber K-FILTER™

The Toyobo Group has been engaged in the development of air purification environmental materials for over 30 years. The first was the K-FILTER™ developed at the Toyobo Research Center in 1974 as the first activated carbon fiber filter mass produced worldwide. At that time, Japan was seeking pollution countermeasures and energy conservation policies, and Toyobo wanted to respond those social needs using fibers.

"The K-FILTER™ absorbs solvents quickly, and has a high solvent absorption capacity. It shows almost no performance loss after repeated desorption, and the desorption period is shorter than that for conventional granular activated carbon. To maximize the advantages of this material, we took an integrated approach covering everything from development of the absorbent, and development and manufacturing of the apparatus, all the way through to the apparatus sales and maintenance." - AC Operating Department Senior General Manager Yasuhiro Iizuka

"The integrated approach from materials development through to apparatus manufacturing, sales and maintenance is an unusual business model inside Toyobo. However, it is precisely because we have an integrated approach, including Toyobo Group companies, that we can meet the needs of diverse users, and that has become our company's strength." - AC Apparatus Department General Manager Kazuyuki Kawata

Toyobo has developed gas treatment products starting with K-FILTER™ VOC Recovery Apparatus developed maximizing the advantages of the K-FILTER™, Honey-Rotor Absorption and Concentration Apparatus which uses an activated carbon zeolite honeycomb absorbent, and VOC recovery equipment which also uses that type of absorbent.

VOC Gas Treatment Apparatus wins High Market Share

In Japan, the regulation of VOCs was strengthened with the 2006 revisions to the Air Pollution Control Act. This revision has led to increased VOC gas treatment apparatus demand in the printing, coating, solar cell and other industries following a grace period, which ended in March 2010.

To provide our customers with the optimal VOC gas treatment apparatus, Toyobo Group companies are working together to offer comprehensive services covering everything from analyses of exhaust and operating conditions through to proposals on absorbent choice, structure, treatment method and apparatus. We also support customers with maintenance and renewal services after delivery. Our comprehensive approach running from start to finish has been well received. Toyobo Group VOC gas treatment apparatus has been adopted at numerous manufacturing plants, and Toyobo has now earned a high share of the absorption-type VOC gas treatment apparatus market.

The Toyobo Group aims at the development of compact low-cost apparatus, reductions in running costs, and the use of the heat energy generated in the treatment process to provide solutions that are both ecological and economical. Toyobo takes pride in helping to improve manufacturing environments with our VOC gas treatment apparatus which supports manufacturing processes.

  • VOC Gas Treatment Apparatus wins High Market Share
  • VOC Gas Treatment Apparatus wins High Market Share


VOC Gas Treatment Apparatus Contributes to Energy Conservation and Environmental Preservation at the Sharp Kameyama Plant

At the Sharp Corporation Kameyama Plants, efforts are being pursued in every direction to prevent global warming, reduce chemical substance emissions, and otherwise improve environmental performance under the slogan "Make it as environmental as possible." As part of these efforts, Toyobo's VOC gas treatment apparatus was introduced to Kameyama Plant No.1 and Kameyama Plant No.2, where it is used to concentrate and incinerate gases generated in LCD panel production which contain chemical substances. Regular measurements confirm that the Toyobo apparatus maintains high removal rates with regulated substances levels far below the reference values, providing highly satisfactory operating conditions. The skillful use of this apparatus contributes to both energy conservation and higher removal rates.

Assistant Counselor Kazuo Matsubara

Responsible for managing and improving the operations of VOC gas treatment apparatus and all other power apparatus inside the plant. Engaged in the promotion of both safe operations and environmental preservation on a day-to-day basis.

Assistant Counselor
Kazuo Matsubara

Assistant Counselor Yuriko Fukaya

Kameyama Environment and Safety Promotion Center Responsible for drafting and advancing environmental strategies and measures, especially global warming countermeasures, inside the plant. Engaged in the introduction of photovoltaic power generation apparatus and the promotion of energy conservation within the plant.

Assistant Counselor
Yuriko Fukaya

Explanation of Terms

VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds)
VOC (volatile organic compounds) include such items as methylbenzene, dimethylbenzene and ethyl acetate contained in coatings, cleaners, adhesives and printing ink. These are substances which cause photochemical smog, and they are regulated under Japanese law.
Activated Carbon Fiber K-FILTER™
Because of its fast absorption speed, the K-FILTER™ removes organic solvent gases surely and quickly. Toyobo was the first company in the world to commercialize the K-FILTER™.
K-FILTER™ VOC Recovery Apparatus
Most customers who use Toyobo's K-FILTER™ VOC absorption recovery apparatus re-use the recovered solvents as they are, without any refining. This is the merit of the K-FILTER™ VOC recovery apparatus in providing high-quality recovered solvent. Of course, the recovered solvents are refined by certain users and for certain uses.
Honey-Rotor Absorption and Concentration Apparatus
This apparatus applies K-FILTER™ and other honeycomb structure activated carbon absorbent or zeolite honeycomb structure absorbent for specific uses. The recovered low-concentration VOC gases are concentrated and then incinerated at LCD and semiconductor manufacturing plants, etc.

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